The City of Los Angeles released the final guidelines for the Transit Oriented Communities Affordable Housing Incentive Program today, making it official for developers building within a 1/2 mile radius to a major transit stop to utilize parking reduction incentives, enhanced density incentives, and many others in exchange for on-site affordable housing units. This program is a huge win through our work on Measure JJJ! 

ACT-LA issued the following statement today: 

The adoption of guidelines for the Transit Oriented Communities Affordable Housing Incentive Program is a major step forward in creating critically needed affordable housing near transit and an important catalyst for the development community to build the housing we need in Los Angeles.

The program – which was a core element of Measure JJJ passed by voters in November 2016 –  will allow extra density and parking reductions in developments built within a half mile of a major transit stop in exchange for guaranteeing affordability for low-income Angelenos. This program will add thousands of new deeply affordable units to developments in transit-rich areas throughout the City of LA and will require the replacement of any affordable units destroyed by new developments.

At a time when the Los Angeles region is investing $160 billion toward new transit infrastructure it is imperative that we create more opportunities for working families to live near existing and future transit stations. The program will serve as a meaningful intervention in the current exclusionary, luxury transit-oriented development pattern in Los Angeles by guaranteeing a significant percentage of new units near transit go to low-income families who depend on transit the most.

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