Our Mission

To build power among Southeast Asian youth and their communities in Los Angeles for a more just and equitable society through intergenerational, multiethnic dialogue, leadership development, and community organizing.

Our Vision

Southeast Asian youth and their families are empowered to build a more socially just and equitable community for all.

Our Methods

Leadership Development.  SEACA seeks to break down traditional leadership structures and instill a model of shared leadership and responsibility.  This model is build around the idea that everyone has leadership ability and everyone has the ability to contribute to a movement for social change.

Community Organizing.  Community members understand and have the capacity to create change in their own communities. Community organizing is empowering our members and giving them the tools to change power relations that often exclude community members. 

Advocacy.  Most often, large-scale decisions in our neighborhoods, schools and health care settings are made without community insight. Advocacy will be empowering community members to influence existing power structures including government institutions that create public policy and allocate public resources.

Community Building.  We address community building through building lasting relationships to strengthen our communities. Relationship building includes sharing our stories and having space and time for fun and shared experiences.

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