LTSC Community Development Corporation is a social service and community economic development organization based in Little Tokyo serving those in need in Los Angeles. LTSC’s origins are in Little Tokyo, where it strives for a vibrant and healthy multi-ethnic neighborhood that preserves and celebrates its rich Japanese-American heritage. LTSC’s roots are also in the Nikkei (Japanese-American and Japanese immigrants) community where it serves as the main Japanese speaking social service provider. LTSC has since expanded its work to address the needs of disadvantaged groups of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

LTSC’s programs are designed to serve 3 interrelated fields: (1) Little Tokyo (2) Japanese Americans and (3) other low-income populations of Los Angeles.

The major long-term vision for LTSC is to revitalize Little Tokyo into a vibrant community by addressing the problem of cultural and community survival and promoting its economic health. LTSC addresses the need for community revitalization and small business development, develops new housing and community facilities and is involved in community organizing.

LTSC was originally founded in 1979 to serve the monolingual Japanese seniors living in Little Tokyo and it continues to serve the Japanese American population living in Los Angeles with senior services, child abuse prevention, consumer education, and individual and family mental health counseling.

An additional broad set of programs specifically serve low-income groups and the Asian Pacific Islander population in Los Angeles: affordable housing, family literacy, childcare, after-school youth programs, domestic violence programs, job training, case management for families, and asset and property management.

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