LA Voice believes that every human is created with dignity. Often times, our institutions fail to reflect this truth. For this reason, LA Voice teaches people to speak, act, and engage in the public arena. It is our mission to transform Los Angeles into a city that reflects the human dignity of all communities, especially those in greatest need. We are an interfaith, community organization that unites people from diverse backgrounds to improve the quality of life of Los Angeles residents.

Since 2000, LA Voice has developed a strong base of leaders or, community volunteers, that are striving to transform their neighborhoods. Each month, community residents are meeting at their local congregations to learn political strategy, power analysis, and the power of relationships. With these skills, they are being developed into strong leaders that can hold elected officials accountable to the needs of working families. LA Voice has successfully worked to increase access to health care, make neighborhoods safer, improve public schools, build affordable housing, and mobilize infrequent voters in historically low-income communities.

We work in 20 congregations throughout the city and continue to develop hundreds of leaders every year. We are part of the PICO National Network, which has developed leadership in 150 cities and 18 states. With more than one thousand religious congregations, schools, and neighborhood organizations, PICO is one of the largest grassroots community efforts in the United States.

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