Created in January 2015 as a new non-profit effort, Investing in Place works to support a constituency for equitable planning and build strategic relationships with agencies and efforts that invest in the built environment in Los Angeles County.

There is currently no coordinated voice for affordable, healthy and equitable transportation investments at the county level. Finance matters, but community organizations that work on public policy finance are few and far between. At Investing in Place, we work to ensure that public investments in the built environment support low income communities and people of color.  Coordination among partners in the region comes at a critical time as Metro begins its update on its Long Range Transportation Plan and considers a 4th County Sales Tax ballot measure for 2016, that is estimated to produce as much as $24 Billion in transportation revenue over the next 30 years.

Investing in Place uses a workplan model that supports convenings and collaborating with leaders throughout the region, producing policy recommendations and disseminating information with intent to increase transparency, discussion and inclusiveness among all stakeholders.



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