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Read our comment letter submitted on September 22, 2021 with our concerns on LA Metro’s current fareless transit pilot program for K-14 students.

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On Thursday, September 23, 2021 the LA Metro Board of Directors will be voting on whether to continue universally fareless buses and how to expand the program countywide. Universal fareless transit eliminates one of the largest living expenses for riders—and leads to a just economic recovery from the pandemic for Angelinos. ACT-LA is asking its members and allies to rally around universal fareless transit from Monday, September 13 through Thursday, September 23. There are four ways to get involved:

1. Submit an email…

➡️ Click here to send an email public comment to LA Metro.

Or ➡️ email BoardClerk@metro.net by 5PM Wednesday, September 22:

Subject: CONCERNS on Item #35 – Fareless Transit

Dear Metro Directors:

I am writing to ask you to commit to keeping buses free and achieving universal fareless transit. During the pandemic, buses have been free for all riders—relieving many of their second highest living expense, after rent.

Staff’s current proposal lacks consideration of the impact on Metro’s most important stakeholder: current bus riders, and is not ready for consideration. I urge you to direct Metro staff to conduct an overall evaluation of this current period of universal fareless buses, including measuring the impact of today’s fareless buses on rider’s lives. This overall evaluation should (1) include bus riders stories, (2) analyze the nature of bus rider/operator interactions, and (3) analyze bus system operating gains (e.g. dwell times, ridership, etc.). The Metro Board needs to collectively understand the benefits of universal fareless buses on today’s bus riders as you consider a pilot program.

Fareless transit is economic justice. The pandemic is not over, and many LA residents remain burdened by rent and other debts. If fareless buses end, not only will Metro add onto the economic burdens these residents already endure, Metro will return to forcing riders to pay double for public transportation. The majority (70%) of Metro’s funding comes from local sales taxes. LA County residents, including me, already pay for public transit.

Fareless transit is racial justice and makes sense. For every dollar collected in fare, Metro spends nearly 90 cents on policing its buses and trains. Instead of adding to transit riders’ already burdensome cost of living and instead of maintaining an expensive and unjust fare collection and enforcement system, Metro should be universally and permanently fareless for everyone.

Thank you.

2. Call into the LA Metro board meeting at 10am on September 23rd.

➡️ Click here to call in on September 22nd at 10am.

Or ➡️ To comment in English, dial: +1-888-251-2949,,8231160# — or to comment in Spanish, dial: +1-888-251-2949,,4544724# — then wait a few moments to be placed into the general lobby. When the comment period opens, press #2 to raise your hand.

Sample script

My name is __, and I am (with organization name, an LA resident, and/or a public transit rider). I depend on bus ___ (line #, street etc.) to get to ___ (work, school, essential services/supplies). I am calling in with concerns on Item 35 Fareless Transit.

I urge you to keep buses fare free and commit to achieving universal fareless transit.

Transportation costs are one of the largest financial burdens bus riders endure. If fareless buses ends, Metro will further burden LA’s most vulnerable residents by forcing bus riders to double pay for transit. Most of Metro’s funding comes from local sales taxes that we already pay for public transit. or Buses are regaining riders faster than rail partly because with universal fareless transit there isn’t any group of people who worry about how to pay to ride. According to Metro, universal fareless transit can indeed grow transit ridership, which helps our fight for better air quality, climate solutions and less traffic congestion. Any pilot program you consider should be part of a strategy towards universal fareless transit.

Thank you.

3. Sign onto our letter to the Metro board

Sign yourself and/or your organization onto our letter: bit.ly/SupportFarelessMetro + share!

4. Join our social media campaign from Thursday, September 16 through Thursday, September 23.

We ask our members and allies to both post every weekday during this period, as well as reshare ACT-LA social media that will call on LA Metro board members to pass permanent, universal fareless transit.

Please see bit.ly/MetroTakeAction for images and text to share.

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