December 1 marks the 9th time that rent has been due during the pandemic. During these 9 months, over 7,400 people have died of COVID, and communities of color have been most harmed by the virus and the economic fall it precipitated. Under current State and County legislation, tenants are protected until January 31, 2021. We need to prevent hundreds of thousands of people from being evicted and falling into homelessness. #Housingishealth!

Healthy LA is hosting a Teach-In on rent and mortgage cancellation featuring organizers,  tenants, homeowners and with confirmed attendance by Councilmember Mike Bonin and Councilmember-elect Nithya Raman. Join this urgent conversation of how the City and County of LA can protect hundreds of thousands of tenants who have lost their income and have not been able to afford to pay rent during the pandemic. 

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This online event is a must for all of those who want to prevent more housing insecurity and homelessness and make sure Los Angeles communities are able to stay safer at home as the pandemic makes a second wave through LA.

#HousingisHealth! And we need the #Cancelrent and #CancelMortgages to ensure everyone can stay safe at home.

Spread the word! Download flyers, invite people on Facebook, and tell your friends to join us for this important conversation!

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