Press Release

April 9, 2018

Coalition Launches Equitable Community Planning Campaign

New toolkit and website provides 60 policy options for LA’s community plan updates

The Alliance for Community Transit – Los Angeles (ACT-LA), a citywide coalition of 35 affordable housing, tenant rights and transit justice advocates, launched a campaign focused on equitable community planning as the City of LA’supdates its 35 community plans. The coalition released Planning for an Equitable Los Angeles: A Guide to Shaping LA’s New Community Plans, a toolkit and a new website with resources for residents and community groups that want to participate in their community plan update.

The toolkit provides a guide to LA’s community planning process, a case study on the community-led People’s Plan for South and Southeast LA neighborhoods, and includes 60 policy tools for advancing equitable development, addressing growth and preservation of affordable housing;  community health and environmental justice; inclusive economic development that supports local workers and businesses; livable, publicly accessible, walkable, and bikeable public areas; and community leadership and authentic engagement. The Coalition also announced that they will be providing training workshops on how to meaningfully engage in community plan updates, and actively center the needs of low-income residents.

“The City’s community plan updates present a crucial opportunity for residents to take leadership in shaping the future of Los Angeles. Community plan updates must be responsive to and led by the very communities that have been excluded from and harmed by city planning,” Mariana Huerta Jones, Campaign and Communications Manager with ACT-LA. “ACT-LA is committed to supporting community groups who want to get involved in community planning that will ensure safe, livable, and affordable  neighborhoods for everyone.”

ACT-LA will work collaboratively with local community groups to ensure that LA community plan updates will be inclusive and create greater access to affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, parks and green space, and quality local jobs.  

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