The Natural Resources Defense Council is a member organization in ACT-LA, and staff attorney Ramya Sivasubramanian wrote about our “Transit for All” report calling for a citywide strategy to expand housing and jobs near mass transit development.

In Los Angeles, the primary users of public transit are low-income. Households earning less than $25,000 a year account for over three-quarters of workers who commute by public transit. But transit investment often drives up housing costs near transit corridors, pushing out the core riders who use it most. This displacement has serious negative impacts on families and communities. As Hanxi Zeng, a 17-year old junior at Downtown Magnets High School, expressed, “If the City doesn’t plan for affordable housing, then families like mine will get pushed out. Some of us will become homeless, while others will move farther east to Riverside or the Inland Empire, away from the services, schools, programs, and the community that we’ve come to rely on.”

Click here to read her article at Switchboard, NRDC’s blog.

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